10g pic

Pretty pathetic at this point. Just a holding/growout tank for potential candidates. I’ve forgotten the names of most of them. I’ll have to identify the ones that live and I end up using.

The moss on the sidewall needlepoint stock is an experiment. Doesn’t look good so far. If it doesn’t turn around by this time next week I won’t bother with the other wall and back.

I’ve got more black sign vinyl I can use on the back otherwise.

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A few stills

I started to take some more serious shots of the tank now that it’s looking pretty good. These were the best out of over 200 shots. Lots of icky ones left on the “editing room floor.”

Also shot some HD video which turned out better than expected. Here’s the YouTube vid. Try it full screen with the 1080 resolution selected.

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10g Dutch attempt

GWAPA is having a aquascaping contest among its members and the theme is Dutch. Not having or wanting another significant tank I decided to use my 10g QT tank as my Dutch entry. So far it is nothing more than MTS capped with Flourite Black Sand and a bunch of clippings from my 90g plugged in to see what will live and thrive with the light available. Once I see what develops I’ll use those to attempt a Dutch ‘scape and buy a few more if needed.

Lighting is two 13W CFLs. Filter is AC20. I’ll have CO2 in a day or two. Just using Flourish Excel for now. I’m just running at room temp for now. When I add critters I’ll put in the heater if needed.

I’ve done a bit of dosing with macros and micros and put in some ammonia to start a cycle. I’ve taken some dirty media from my main tank filter to help with cycling.

Right now the water is very cloudy due to turbulence and a bacteria cloud forming. I’ll post some pix when it clears up a bit.

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Blog crash and YouTube vid

This blog crashed after updating the software to the latest version. That’s never happened before. I’ve taken advantage of the backups that my website host provides to restore it but I’m not really sure how stable it will be. For now at least the pix I put up yesterday seem to be there as well as the pix from other posts.

Here’s a link to a YouTube vid I posted taken at the same time I took the pix yesterday.

Recent video


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A few new pix

Here’s a new full tank shot and three details. There’s a bit of algae on the front glass and raging BBA on the wood. This is also just after a major reshuffle of the existing plants, a major trim and adding a lot of new ones.

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