I could never make a living as a plumber

I keep learning things about plumbing that I really should have known in the first place. The most recent is that my drain line which is cheap 1/2″ unreinforced flexible tubing from HD, collapses over time. The problem is that with 10ft of static┬ádrop to the sump pit plus whatever momentum the water obtains while draining, the line is subjected to a lot of negative pressure when the drain line is closed. Works fine at the start but it gradually collapses the soft line. The result is a slower and slower drain process as the line gets smaller.

I’m going to try some 1/2″┬áPEX tubing next. It is inexpensive, flexible enough for the run to the pit yet has a relatively hard wall which should hold it’s shape fine over time. PEX is increasingly used to plumb hot and cold water in place of copper or CPVC.

Now I get to demonstrate plumbing incompetence with a whole new set of fittings!

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