Just posting a pic before I do some serious bush whacking. I’ve let this tank go for a couple of weeks with 4x T5NO and good fertz and CO2. The plants must really like it because I need to whack about 10″ of growth off most of them each week. When I don’t they do what you see in the pic and begin covering the surface.

The fish have run out of nice swimming area for schooling although all of the species seem to enjoy swimming in the dense foliage at the edges.

I’ve now got 24 amanos and 50 RCS shrimp in there and most of the time not a single one is visible. I’m a bit worried that they’ve all croaked.

I plan to keep the fertz and CO2 non-limiting but have already reduced the light to 2x T5NO to slow the growth to more manageable rates.

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