Stepping on the pedal a bit

Dialed up the CO2 and turned on the second pair of T5NO to see if I can stimulate some faster growth. I’d really like the stems to start crankin’ to the surface and cover up all that black background. My original intent was to have them cover it all up and have the only negative space above and around the lotus as a little grotto.

The lights went off a few minutes ago and most of the plants were pearling so that’s probably a good sign. I’ll keep this up for the next month or so. My macros/micros should be non-limiting.

Tho this ain’t zackly droppin’ the hammer I hope to avoid paintin’ the walls as I try to shave my lap time.

I also ordered a tiny Eheim powerhead. I’m going to try to use it to implement a surface skimmer. Although the limewood airstone does the job if turned up high enough the resulting bubbles splatter protein goo all over the lamp and glass and is hard to get off. I’m hoping a bit of foam filter combined with the powerhead will do the same job without the mess. I also don’t care for the constant need to replace the check valve on the airpump. Water is supposed to remain inside the tank!

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