Algae War

Today began the attack on the algae. Here’s some of the pix of the algae:

First came a 50% water change and while the water level was down I removed all rhizome plants including java fern, anubias and the remaining tiny struggling bit of bolbitis that has been trying to make a comeback. These were placed in a plant tray with a clear but ventable cover to remain in a humid emersed environment. This should clear the algae from these plants.

The glass was cleaned of the easily removable green algae but some harder spots of green algae remain. Not sure what to do about these. I’ll attack them the next time I lower the water.

I then planted a lot of new stem plants obtained at the club auction. I’m afraid I didn’t take a lot of time to plan this ‘scape. It was just along the general lines of fine leaved things at the back to give the illusion of distance. Lots of rotala variants and some bacopa were added. I’ve still got the bags they came in and I’ll have to do a proper accounting before tossing them. I also got more ludwigia, stauro and some frilly floaters.

Standing back and viewing after the refill it’s obvious that a couple of plant moves at the next water change will be required. Still it’s a nice improvement from the rather empty previous state…and a nice distraction from the algae infestation. Of course as I went to take this picture the rotala in the back decided to float up from the substrate. I’ll fix that tomorrow. The empty space in the left and right front is where the java fern, bolbitis and anubias are temporarily absent.

After refilling I dosed the standard initial recommendation of Excel to try to fight the algae on the remaining plants and wood. Also NPK macros were added and CO2 continued until lights out.

30ppm of CO2  along with non-limiting fertz will be maintained while a 2x daily dosage of Excel will be applied for the next week. I sure hope this knocks the uglies down.

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  1. FredF says:

    Looks like you have staghorn, bba and, not sure what the top one was, but the spots are green spot algae (all the same stuff I grow). If your tank is glass, a kent algae scraper or razor blade will do the trick on green spot.

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