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Not much progress

The cycling so far is going nowhere. I now have 8ppm of ammonia in both tanks and no sign yet of any nitrite or nitrate formation. In addition the shrimp which did a great job of providing ammonia also not … Continue reading

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I now have the 10g and the 90g tanks cycling barebottom. I realized after starting the 10g that I didn’t have to wait for soil and planting to start the 90g since it has a largish filter. Getting the filter … Continue reading

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Last flow tests for now

I made some more tests today with some configurations to see the impact of various bits on flow. There doesn’t appear to be much additional improvement I can make other than a slight tweak of the bottom of the reactor … Continue reading

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Flow test results

I spent some time today doing the flow tests with Sue’s help. We measured the time to fill a 2L pitcher and took an average of 3 measurements. For all the tests the Eheim 2078¬†input was flooded by the 1.5″ … Continue reading

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A little progress

I finished sifting the soil from the second bag yesterday and started the third bag under the heat lamp. I’m guessing based on the last two bags it will take about two weeks for that to finish. I then spent … Continue reading

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