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Plant Auction

The 1/22/2011 GWAPA meeting was an opportunity to enjoy more great company, learn a lot, see some beautiful tanks, excellent presentations and score some plants at the auction. Even though my tank wasn’t ready for planting I decided to see … Continue reading

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The Plumbing

I want a clean appearance for the tank so there will be nothing hanging over the edge except for the lighting. That means that everything must be underneath the tank and connected by fittings passing through the bottom. Here you … Continue reading

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Putting on the Background

Since the location¬†for this tank isn’t up against a blank wall I thought it would be distracting to see through it. So I decided to put on an opaque background. After looking at alternatives I decided to go with black … Continue reading

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While looking around for substrate ideas I came across something called MTS, short for Mineralized Topsoil Substrate. I followed a link to an article by¬†AaronT who is a GWAPA member. It was Aaron who invited me to my first GWAPA … Continue reading

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While visiting various planted tank forums I discovered a “local” planted tank group called “Greater Washington Aquatic Plant Association” or GWAPA for short. One of the members who wrote an online article on MTS (more later) invited me to their … Continue reading

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