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Making progress

I’ve continued to treat the tank with Excel and the algae has continued to degrade. The color has gone from brown, to red and now to a dull grey. The fish are feeding on it, especially the Boraras brigittae who … Continue reading

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Operational but shakey

After sifting about half of a third bag of MTS I decided on Friday it was now or never. So I drained the tank and dried the bottom in preparation for adding the substrate. First I dusted the bottom with … Continue reading

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Not much progress

The cycling so far is going nowhere. I now have 8ppm of ammonia in both tanks and no sign yet of any nitrite or nitrate formation. In addition the shrimp which did a great job of providing ammonia also not … Continue reading

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A little progress

I finished sifting the soil from the second bag yesterday and started the third bag under the heat lamp. I’m guessing based on the last two bags it will take about two weeks for that to finish. I then spent … Continue reading

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Ugh, Need More Soil

Began the process of getting soil and plants in the tank today and hit a roadblock. I had previously measured the output of the first bag of soil and concluded that a bit less than one additional bag would be required. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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