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Excel is working!

On Sunday Excel was added per the label at 1 capful (5ml) per 10g. I put in 7 capfuls since my net water column is a bit over 65g. No observable difference noted on Monday. I added 3 capfuls on … Continue reading

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Algae War

Today began the attack on the algae. Here’s some of the pix of the algae: First came a 50% water change and while the water level was down I removed all rhizome plants including java fern, anubias and the remaining … Continue reading

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Algae r Us

The algae have discovered my tank and the otos and amanos are feasting! Suspect causes are too much light (probably around 80-90umol) from the T5HO plus some afternoon direct sun, a¬†huge increase in bioload and inattention to fertz. The new … Continue reading

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Honey gouramis, food, pumps, and more

I went to Exotic Aquatics to look for some T5NO lamps; no joy but scored some fish and food. I had in mind getting some Colisa chuna (aka Honey Gourami) to act as a relatively peaceful “fish herd.” I wanted … Continue reading

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Plant Auction

The 1/22/2011 GWAPA meeting was an opportunity to enjoy more great company, learn a lot, see some beautiful tanks, excellent presentations and score some plants at the auction. Even though my tank wasn’t ready for planting I decided to see … Continue reading

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