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I could never make a living as a plumber

I keep learning things about plumbing that I really should have known in the first place. The most recent is that my drain line which is cheap 1/2″ unreinforced flexible tubing from HD, collapses over time. The problem is that … Continue reading

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Safe fill with air break!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this in the first place! Rather than running a pressurized line directly from the house plumbing into the tank and risk backflow contamination, I can just fill a container in the basement … Continue reading

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Final plumbing…for now

Here are the details of the “final” plumbing; more on “final” at the bottom. First a full shot of the undertank arrangement. Flow comes from the right hand side travels through parallel paths to filter and auxillary flow pump then … Continue reading

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Equipment gets closer

First the good news: another zero ammonia, zero nitrite test! The plants appear to be taking hold as well. Hard to be specific but they look “perkier” than when first planted. I was wondering what happened to the b. brigittae … Continue reading

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Cycling complete!…i think…

I tested the water in the 90g today and for the second straight time got zero ammonia and zero nitrites! I’ll continue doing daily water changes and discontinue using Seachem Prime for a couple of more days before I’m sure … Continue reading

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